Welcome to the sparkling world of GERALDO, where exceptional diamond creations dazzle the eye. Where the finest craftsmanship meets the most advanced technology and where connoisseurs look for diamond-studded jewels of unsurpassed beauty and quality.

Where every product – be it a bracelet, a ring, a pendant, an earring or a necklace – is visually striking whilst offering something alternative to anything else on the luxury market. Where craftsmen work hard throughout the entire creative process to ensure that our core values of “aristocracy” and “heritage” are inherent in any piece of jewellery.


The story of GERALDO is the story of a chance encounter between a passionate engineer and the widow of a Brazilian tycoon – the man who would become the benefactor of the brand name. The late Geraldo had a dream – a perfect sphere made of diamonds, something impossible, improbable. Following the serendipitous encounter of the engineer and Geraldo’s widow, they endeavoured to make this dream come true. The engineer created, and then patented, the invisible-set Diamond Sphere.

Travelling around the world, he found in Israel the ideal facilities to create the jeweller’s workshop. He soon attracted some of the most talented artisans to work with him to create the jewellery which today is recognised as an engineering feat of exquisite beauty.

The company was immediately recognized as a pioneer in luxury jewellery, creating nearly impossible bespoke and signature pieces. This well-kept secret is known only to true connoisseurs and those looking for unique workmanship.

The Diamond Sphere

The biggest innovative achievement of GERALDO Jewellery House was to come up with the new invisible setting technique, applying it to round diamonds. Becoming patented proprietary technology, the invisible setting of round diamonds opened a new page not only in the brand’s history but in the whole jewellery industry with the introduction of the Diamond Sphere (Patent Design US D653 155S).

Through unparalleled engineering work of our craftsmen, the invisibly-set round diamonds are set together into a perfect sphere-shape, making it a technological enigma to the most experienced jewellers and jewellery lovers around the World.

invisible setting

Invisible setting is a method of setting gems, in which a mosaic-like array of stones seems to float seamlessly in a piece, with no visible prongs or support (for instance, making 7 stones of 0.07 carat each to look as if they are one single 1.5 carat stone). The process involves individually and very precisely setting the stones with grooved girdles which are locked into a thin wire framework.

GERALDO advanced the “invisible” technique to new horizons, improving the technology and thus allowing it to be applied for round diamonds, and then moving beyond almost any design boundaries.

design patents

The company’s continuous innovations and expertise are unmatched worldwide. Applying advanced technology and holding numerous patented designs, GERALDO has become the world’s primary hi-tech jewellery company, leading world-class manufacturer of invisibly set diamond jewellery, and one of the very few who can produce complex designed jewellery with invisibly set round stones.


At GERALDO, we are committed to choosing high-quality diamonds with integrity. We value traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of our diamonds from the moment they are unearthed as rough stones, throughout their journey to polished gems and right up to the final designs. This is why our diamonds are only sourced from countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

At GERALDO, we create our products ourselves at our own workshop. Located in the Diamond Exchange District of Israel, the company has access to the best quality raw materials and diamonds through a responsible supply chain.

At GERALDO, we care about social and environmental issues, which is why we cooperate with non-profit organizations and donate part of our profits.

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